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Relationship Green Flags: What to Look for in a Healthy and Loving Partnership

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When it comes to relationships, red flags tend to always dominate conversations among friends. From smelly feet to love-bombing, red flags get most of our attention. Of course, we can understand why - we are trying to protect ourselves and that makes sense. But what is just as equally important to explore are green flags - these are the positive signs that your relationship is in, or heading in, the right direction. Why wouldn’t we want to spend some time on these informative nuggets? Below are a few green flags to help us reflect on our relationship so we don’t find ourselves missing out on something great.

Effective Communication

When both partners feel vulnerable enough to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs without judgment, it signals understanding and potential for growth. Healthy communication emphasizes active listening, empathy, and a willingness to explore solutions together. It’s a collaboration between two (or more) people who are open to achieving a shared goal. It involves having difficult conversations, even if space if needed before engaging in such conversations. If you or your partner seek space during a difficult conversation, what matters is that you come back to the initial conversation at a later time. Seeking complete distance from difficult conversations should be seen as unhelpful and counterproductive to a healthy relationship.

Mutual Respect

Respect is the cornerstone of successful relationships. What does respect look like? It consistently shows respect and understanding for another’s boundaries, opinions, and individuality. It creates an atmosphere of safety, trust, and appreciation. In a respectful relationship, disagreements are addressed constructively, with empathy, and calmly, without fear of retaliation or manipulation.

Emotional Support

A true green flag is having a partner(s) who provide unwavering emotional support when they are able to depending on their own needs. They are eager to celebrate your wins, offer comfort during challenging times (maybe even a cuddle), and listen intently without judgment. A safe space is essential for vulnerability to be embraced and for individuals to feel free to express themselves authentically.

Independence and Interdependence

In a healthy relationship, there is a beautiful balance between independence and interdependence. Each partner maintains their individuality while embracing and encouraging the individuality of their partner(s). They also cultivate a sense of togetherness, sharing experiences, and creating a shared vision for their future.

These are just a few green flags that should be considered for a healthy relationship. Next time you're discussing red flags with your friends, sprinkle in a few green flags to remind yourself what you deserve to have within your relationship.


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